FTTH Conference 2023

FTTH Conference 18th - 20th of April 2023, Madrid, Spain

Join us at the FTTH Conference 2023 and hear all about how to accelerate your customers' internet experience with next generation XGS-PON technology and best-in-class Wi-Fi solutions! Your way to more satisfied customers and lower TCO starts at our booth.

Meet Icotera at the FTTH Conference 2023 - Booth S01 

Experience the strong performance, unique design, and superior quality of our products and solutions within high-end Wi-Fi, real time in-home monitoring, and intelligent fiber termination. Book a meeting or stop by to explore how our innovative FTTH CPE solutions open up a multitude of business opportunities for you to match the requirements of today’s customers and provide them with an outstanding internet experience which is key to success. 

Experience at our booth: 

Our 'Best in Test' Icotera i4882 Wi-Fi 6 router

Our 'Best in Test' Icotera i4882 Wi-Fi 6 router
A newly published test from Excentis appoints the i4882 as "Best in Test" outperforming all other Wi-Fi 6 routers at the Danish market. Visit our booth and hear more about our powerful 8x8 Wi-Fi 6 solution. 
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The Future of Wi-Fi
​How does Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 6 standards employ new technologies and what are the benefits? Stop by our booth to discuss the future of Wi-Fi and what will shape the future of wireless connectivity.​
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BBF.247 certified XGS-PON ONT

BBF.247 certified XGS-PON ONT
Our new series of XGS-PON solutions including the multiport i7400 series and the single-port i7200 series are certified according to the BBF.247 standard. Learn more about future proof FTTH solutions at our booth.
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Attend free Conference Session - Open Exhibition Theatre on Wednesday 19th of April 12:00-12:30
"Solutions for Providing Beyond Gigaspeeds - Network and In-Home Upgrading Considerations".
Speaker: Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer, Icotera

Meet the Icotera Team:

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Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer

Jens Bundgaard, Technical Program Manager

About FTTH:

The annual FTTH Conference is the world's largest fibre summit, dedicated to bringing together a broad representation of industry experts to discuss all aspects of FTTH, 5G and other fibre related and enabled technologies and services, and the benefit they bring to today's society.

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FTTH Conference 2023