21 mar. 2023

The i4882 Wi-Fi 6 router is 'Best in Test'

A newly published test that Excentis has performed on behalf of Telenor DK clearly shows that the Icotera i4882 Wi-Fi 6 router outperforms all other Wi-Fi 6 routers at the Danish market.

The Icotera router simply provides the best user experience!

The test measures the user experience in three important areas: Streaming video, participating in online meetings and gaming online - hence a real-life measurement of the experience in the most common scenarios. The test was carried out in a house that 1:1 simulates what a normal family's use of Wi-Fi is.

A strong 8x8 antenna configuration secures good performance even on long distances which is fundamental for an extraordinary user experience and at Icotera we are happy that Telenor also recognizes that fact.


Read more at Telenor's website here
Download the Excentis test here
The i4882 Wi-Fi 6 router is 'Best in Test'