Sustainability is everybody’s business

The internet industry is by nature carbon intensive. This only makes our responsibility more pressing. At Icotera, we have a declared focus to act on our responsibility – in the way we operate our business and in partnership with our suppliers, but particularly through constantly working on reducing the impact from our products when they are installed in millions of homes across Europe.  

That is why we have a declared ESG strategy to guide our efforts and actions:

“We empower internet service providers (ISPs) and network operators to lower their overall footprint and differentiate in the market with long-lasting products that maximize performance and minimize environmental impact.”

We are not there yet. But across the entire organization and throughout our value chain, we are working on environmental, social and governance initiatives (ESG) to realize our ambitions and constantly set new goals.  

Below is more about how we work with our ESG responsibilities which we've divided into four pillars.

For more information, please contact our ESG Manager:

Freja Ludvigsen
ESG Manager

Minimizing the lifecycle impact of our products

Minimizing the lifecycle impact of our products

At Icotera, we recognize that our products can have a significant impact on the environment throughout the value chain over the course of their lifecycle. 

Fundamentally, we believe in high-quality and effective use of resources: for our own and our customers’ businesses, for the end-users and for the environment. For this reason, we always strive to produce long-lasting products with low energy consumption. 

To ensure that we adhere to our own vision, we are currently working on life cycle assessments of our key products. In time, we aim to be able to do so for all our products. We are not there yet, but during 2023 we want to be able to fully document the impact of our products to support our customers in their ESG reporting and documentation.  

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Minimizing climate impact across our operations

Minimizing climate impact across our operations

We know that our business operations affect the environment by generating emissions and waste with a negative impact on the climate. As a company, we are responsible for minimizing the negative impact from our operations. 

Our baseline measures of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be published during 2023. We intend to use our baseline to drive target setting and strategy to continuously lower our emissions intensity.

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Respecting and developing talent

Respecting and developing talent

Talent is hard to measure, however it is easy to feel. That is why the importance of nurturing, respecting, and developing talent is paramount.

Our core business is driven by talented colleagues, who promote our vision and products worldwide.

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Ensuring responsibility across our supply chain

Ensuring responsibility across our supply chain

Running a business like Icotera's includes collaborating with a wide range of business partners and stakeholders from preliminary design phase to final product. When it comes to reliable business conduct, we oversee activities across our supply chain. From our Chinese factories to our Danish office.

Our governance work sets standards for our entire business.

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