12 jan. 2023

XGS-PON products have received the BBF.247 certification

Icotera believes in solutions without service provider vendor lock-in, both on the CPE and CO side. Because of this, we are happy to announce that our newly series of XGS-PON ONU products have been certified according to the Broadband Forum BBF.247 standard.

BBF.247 certified XGS-PON ONT/ONU/OLTs are much easier to integrate together, as the program specifies exactly how the OMCI communication (ITU-T G.988) should work, and also validates this with practical tests. As such it allows network operators and service provides to pick and choose not only ONUs and ONTs but also OLTs.

The certified Icotera XGS-PON ONUs are the multiport i7400 series and the single-port i7200 series. Both products have been certified under A/B/C/D profiles. Description of the tested profiles may be found here.

General information on the BBF.247 certification program can be found at the Broadband Forum page here.


XGS-PON products have received the BBF.247 certification