Connected Britain 2020

Connected Britain - virtual event - 23-24th of September 2020

We look forward to participate in the event of the year! Visit us at our virtual booth and hear all about how to unlock the power of Wi-Fi 6.

Because Wi-Fi 6 isn't just a simple boost of speed - it's a game changer for the in-home internet experience, making it faster, better and ready for the future. 

Key takeaways:

  • The power of 8x8 Wi-Fi 6
  • Best-in-class managed Wi-Fi
  • Improved device integration
  • How to get a free trial

Roundtable discussion on how open networks provide growth in fiber penetration acceleration

Learn about why open networks means new opportunities for networks providers, how open infrastructure markets have benefitted from high growth from the start, the technical demands for providing a opennet/wholesales solution and lots of best practice sharing with peers in the industry. 

Moderator: Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commersial Officer, Icotera  
When: Wednesday ​23.09 at 11:50 am GMT 

If you are an operator in the public sector, we are able to give you a free pass to the whole conference, giving you access to 60 hours of content and lots of virtual networking. 

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Connected Britain 2020