BBWF Conference 2019

As broadband speeds increase, the need for best-in-class in-home Wi-Fi coverage become a demand for broadband providers. Meet us at Broadband World Forum 2019 and learn how to provide this with the newest technologies like Wi-Fi 6

High performance in-home Wi-Fi coverage is key for having an exceptional Internet experience! Stop by at Broadband World Forum and explore how Icotera’s next generation Wi-Fi routers and access points match the requirements of today’s customers, where fast and reliable data transfer is essential. A successful connected home provides the user with maximum coverage in all rooms, it supports multiple devices and it allows users to utilize their entire bandwidth. 

Also explore how ICONS, our network monitoring solution use insights to optimize internet performance and reduce support time and costs through real-time monitoring. Have an ICONS demonstration and discover the many advantages and possibilities for improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction.

To pre-book a meeting, please click HERE  - We look forward to seeing you!

Where: Broadband World Forum 2019, RAI Amsterdam

When: 15-17th. October 2019

BBWF Conference 2019