FTTH Conference 2022

FTTH Conference 23rd-25th of May 2022, Vienna, Austria

Your way to more satisfied customers and lower TCO starts at our booth.  Meet Icotera at the FTTH Conference 2022 in Vienna - Visit our booth [ S20 ] and hear all about how to accelerate your customers' internet experience with a future proof FTTH solution. 

Meet Icotera at the FTTH Conference 2022 - Booth S20

Experience the strong performance, unique design, and superior quality of our products and solutions within high-end Wi-Fi 6, real time in-home monitoring and intelligent fiber termination.  - And explore how our innovative FTTH CPE solutions open up a multitude of business opportunities for you to match the requirements of today’s customers and provide them with an outstanding internet experience which is key to success. 


  • Next generation fiber termination
  • Best-in-class managed Wi-Fi 6
  • Real time monitoring of in-home networks
  • How to get a free trial

Intelligent Wi-Fi is flexible Wi-Fi. And that's why we bring bespoke solutions to Network Operators and ISPs. Together we create the right solutions - not because they fit all, but because we make them all fit.

FTTH Conference 2022 discount code
As a conference exhibitor, we have the possibility to offer all customers and business partners a Guest Discount Code giving you 30% off the standard conference pass. If interested please reach out and we’ll provide you with the needed promo code.

Attend free Conference Session - Open Exhibition Theatre
Icotera Presentation - Tuesday 24th of May 12:00-12:30
"Extending the fiber experience with premium Wi-Fi: Showcase on Telenor Sweden"
Speaker: Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer, Icotera

Join Icotera for an extraordinary FTTH Conference 2022 in Vienna
Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront
Sleek riverfront hotel located directly on the banks of the Danube River close to Messe Wien

  • Single room, breakfast included.
  • Check-in dates: May 22nd, 23rd or 24th.
  • Hotel cost is covered by the participant and is paid at the hotel upon check out.
  • Price is 180-200 euro/night.
  • Sign up for accommodation is binding.

Sign up here - final date is May 15th.



FTTH Conference 2022