<strong>Next-generation Wi-Fi</strong> with the newest 802.11 ac standard

Next-generation Wi-Fi with the newest 802.11 ac standard

Faster, faster, faster – is the name of the Wi-Fi game. Not only do Icotera FTTH CPEs deliver backwards compatibility with any 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi certified device, but they also include the very latest standard: 802.11ac. With the added 802.11 ac solution, our products can deliver 867+300 Mbps and more than 650 Mbps of combined throughput in home and office environments.

<strong>Proactive trouble-shooting</strong> with our unique Multicast Analyzer

Proactive trouble-shooting with our unique Multicast Analyzer

As a part of our Omnes Analytics package, Multicast Analyzer, developed in house, allows networks operators and service providers to do never-before-seen analytics on CPE level. Besides monitoring what streams are being forwarded and to whom, the MPEG-TS analyzer also reports on the stream itself: bandwidth consumption, packets-per-second, packet loss, inter-packet arrival time. The tool allows the CPE to be a great support for the constant monitoring of network performance (health) – from every single end-point.

<strong>Unique SWAP technology</strong> for easy FTU installation and replacement

Unique SWAP technology for easy FTU installation and replacement

The innovative SWAP technology, engineered for our optical fiber gateways, is designed to make it simple to change gateways without interfering with the fiber installation. This makes it easy for end-users to replace their gateways, dramatically cutting the costs for network operators. This technology is an integral part of Icotera FTUs and gateways and is used across our product variants. It will be featured in future generations of gateways, making for easy upgrades, simple maintenance and reduced costs.

<strong>Superior CATV</strong> with unique delivery and control capabilities

Superior CATV with unique delivery and control capabilities

The CATV AGC receiver offers broadband cable television services with seamless monitoring and configuration of the power levels. As an optional feature, this FTTH gateway offers a complete and customizable filter solution with low-pass filters for individual RF channel plans.

<strong>Smart Home</strong> that will amaze

Smart Home that will amaze

All Icotera CPE products support the unique Icotera Smart Home platform via state-of-the-art low-consumption wireless technology. The platform offers great solutions for end-users within Alarm & Surveillance, Energy Management and Home Automation. The cloud-based platform connects to third-party device hardware, which makes the possibilities for connecting devices nearly endless. For the network operator or service provider, the platform offers a unique opportunity for additional revenue streams and higher customer loyalty.

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