<strong>Next-generation Wi-Fi</strong> with the newest Wi-Fi 6 standard

Next-generation Wi-Fi with the newest Wi-Fi 6 standard

Faster, faster, faster – is the name of the Wi-Fi game. Not only do Icotera FTTH CPE's deliver backwards compatibility with any 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi certified device, but they also include the very latest generation of 802.11ax.
This high performance bundle of 2.4 and 5 GHz allows real life throughput above 1 Gigabit, pushing the limits of todays infrastructure. High throughput is only half of the Icotera magic - it is also a long-range solution delivering stability and good performance where it matters; at the middle and edge of your Wi-Fi signal.

<strong>Proactive trouble-shooting</strong> through data insight

Proactive trouble-shooting through data insight

Being able to access, collect and use data from each installed CPE, allows internet service providers and network operators to proactively solve issues before the end-user experience any inconveniences. Icotera's network surveillance software ICONS will enable you to monitor what streams are being forwarded and to whom, the MPEG-TS analyser also reports on the stream itself: bandwidth consumption, packets-per-second, packet loss, inter-packet arrival time. 

<span style="color: #ffffff;"><strong>Unique SWAP technology</strong> save installation and replacement man-hours</span>

Unique SWAP technology save installation and replacement man-hours

Make it easy for your end-user to install or replace their FTU themselves.

All optical fiber gateways from Icotera are designed with the SWAP technology and can easily be replaced without interfering with the fiber installation. 

Upgrading a customer or replacing a gateway is no longer a hassle or an expensive business.

<strong>Superior CATV</strong> with unique delivery and control capabilities

Superior CATV with unique delivery and control capabilities

The CATV AGC receiver offers broadband cable television services with seamless monitoring and configuration of the power levels. As an optional feature, this FTTH gateway offers a complete and customizable filter solution with low-pass filters for individual RF channel plans.