15 jan. 2016

Icotera will be at the FTTH Council Conference 2016!

Icotera will be exhibiting at the FTTH Conference 2016, booth S10, on 16th-18th of February, in Luxembourg. During the conference we will showcase our vendor independent and award-winning P2P and GPON CPE solutions. We will also demonstrate our unique Smart Home platform, which enables great functionalities for end-users while also offering additional revenue streams for service providers.

So please do not not hesitate to come by our booth, or pre-book a meeting for a discussion on how we can help your business grow through high-quality CPEs with great Management & Monitoring features, great Wi-Fi solutions and much much more.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


The FTTH Conference, organised by the FTTH Council Europe, is the biggest FTTH related conference in the world. It is recognized as the main networking location for everyone interested in the topic of fiber access networks.

Icotera will be at the FTTH Council Conference 2016!

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